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The 10 Simpsonian Prophecies that have been proven to the present day. And what signs beyond 2022?

The Simpsons, the longest-running and best-loved animated sitcom, turns 35 years old today. And among the many curiosities, the famous series has often reserved quite a few prophetic surprises "right" about facts and people.

So, what will Homer, known as "the Prophet", predict for 2022 and beyond? Let's find out together.

Since ancient times, the most famous predictions have been made by famous names, such as Nostradamus, who managed to 'guess' facts about modern history with a particular sharpness of detail that astounded even the most sceptical. In addition to Nostradamus, who is certainly not the only one, there are also some of his very extravagant and unexpected colleagues, who through the communication channel of the television, or "Grand Vizier" of modern times, also offer a series of predictions on both facts and people, to make the illustrious soothsayer pale; and sometimes totally disconcerting.

We are obviously talking about the "Simpsons", the brilliant animated and politically incorrect sitcom, which remains (without doubt) the most popular of all time, and which continues to fascinate new and old fans for over 35 years, with the peculiarity of often anticipating the times, so much so that the persistent question that circulates lately on Social is:

  • But how did they predict the future in such a precise and shocking way?

The crazy and wonderful world of The Simpsons

"Wow, I was born on the same day as my birthday."
Homer Simpson

Who hasn't watched an episode of The Simpsons at least once? With Homer, Margie, Lisa and Bart, the crazy adventures of the least conventional family of all time have infected both young and old with laughter and influenced even the so-called "politically correct". The reasons for this success are refutable not only by the characters who now live a life of their own, but also by the incredible argumentation about current or presumably future events.

In this regard, understanding how some important events reported during the years of broadcasting have subsequently occurred in objective reality is the central issue of study and discussion that many experts, not only in the field of communication, but also in the scientific and even supernatural field, intend to analyze.

In the amoral narrative concerning the typical dysfunctional and congenital quirks of the head of the family, namely Homer, (who 'always says whatever comes into his head') and his son Bart, who is a good skateboarder, but plays down on important issues, always preferring the easy way out, the real family clash opens up, realized on the opposite side by the uncommon and never vulgar intelligence of his daughter Lisa and his wise and tolerant wife Marge; and finally, in the middle of the two diametrically opposed worlds, there is the eternal baby girl who never speaks and always keeps her dummy in her mouth.

But in the original hilarious invention of the yellow family, who practically always come out on top at the end of each episode, we wonder how it is possible that in such a light-hearted cartoon (apparently) you can get to guess accurately important facts such as the election of Donald Trump? In fact, it is frankly difficult to interpret with a simple concise explanation, especially if we consider how and why this information was disclosed to the general public.

Homer's yellow cube

Facts are meaningless; you can use facts to prove anything even if it's remotely true! Facts, shit!"
Matt Groening

In reference to the arguments about the origins of the "Simpsonian" predictions, they are related to a theory that is still little known, but summarily filed as a conspiracy theory, which goes by the name of "Looking Glass". It should concerns as a device capable of bending time backwards and forwards, and allowing us to look inside it.

The device, which was supposedly built following the indications of ancient Sumerian and Egyptian engravings found with a crashed alien vehicle in 1947, then morphed into the "Looking Glass Project", in which according to microbiologist Dr. Dan Burisch who worked on the initial Majestic 12 project, there is a certain magic box, "yellow" in color (just like the Simpsons) that provides various probabilities of the future.

In summary, other information on the secret project would also include:

  1. The project also known as (Alice Level of S-4) involves the collection of multiple fragments from the future that show a glimpse or window into the world of tomorrow, visible only to certain people, (and perhaps even to the Simpsons' creator and cartoonist Matt Groening himself, to whom they may have been revealed in advance?), then retransmitted in cartoon form;

  2. The 'world through the looking glass', taken from the original idea of the iconic children's novel 'Alice in Wonderland', seems to recall certain analogies between the fantastic reality of the protagonist who straddles two worlds, without knowing which of the two she actually belongs to, and the same concept of the 'looking glass' project; in fact, the journeys Alice makes by falling down the rabbit hole or going through the 'magic mirror' turn out to be quantum time travel, or multidimensional time travel, in which the so-called portals or 'Stargates' (very well represented in Cinema, and who knows why? ) are the bridge between this world and other infinite possibilities;

  3. The detailed report on the new technology of the "Looking Glass", (which can be seen and heard in English by clicking here) brings back some considerations related to the secret site of Area 51, where everything seems to be connected, and where experts like Bob Lazar, who claims to have worked at S-4 or Area 51 in the late 1980's, in extraterrestrial reverse-engineering, sees the main purpose of such an instrument as not to see the past or future, but "to study physics to see the effects of an artificially produced gravitational wave on time. "

  4. According to Frank Jacob, director and producer of films and documentaries, as well as creator of the film Packing For Mars, the "Looking Glass" project, stems from a group of former intelligence officers and military officials, known as "Guardians of the Looking Glass", who continue to release classified information about future events to come. At the moment, Jacob draws attention to the strange artifact, referring to a particular convergence of the dozens of future timelines regarding just two scenarios or possible outcomes that will occur by the year 2030.

Even if for the most sceptical in the matter it is practically impossible to believe that the explanation of such an ambitious and futuristic project called "looking glass" could really exist, there are many evidences directly related to the countless stories broadcasted in these long 35 years, which raise doubts and considerable curiosity about it. And while the predictions continue to come out on the small screen, along with the old episodes (which you can see on Fox and Disney Plus), the central question of how Matt Groening received such information, still remains in total darkness. For now.

It's interesting to discover, however, that the town of Lookingglass really exists and is only a two-hour drive from Oregon, the hometown of the Simpsons dad. So, another coincidence?

Even considering the enormous intuitive gift of Groening and his incredible smart team in being able to "foresee" certain situations, often linked to his ostentatious stubbornness in continuing such a gamble on the new prophecies, everything still leaves one wondering. In addition, the general idea that the Simpsonian prophecies continue to occur poses a further suggestive point of interest that is worth emphasizing here, namely:

  • In the event that such events then actually happen, it is worth asking whether, it is the Simpsons themselves who prophesy and promptly guess, or whether it is we (or rather ordinary viewers) who are magically influenced by them, so as to direct our future actions in the direction previously interpreted by the amusing Simpsons?

But understanding the convoluted mechanism of "who really influences who", is another puzzle, to be dedicated, if anything, to a future discussion space...

Understanding a myth is never easy

The three little maxims that are indispensable for getting on in life. Number one: "Make sure you cover me." Number two: "Great! Great idea, boss. Number three: "It was like that when I got here."

(season 2, episode 11, 'Blowfish... at the Foot')

The record-breaking Simpsons TV phenomenon has always been based on two interrelated factors, namely: Laughing and making people think. The sharpness of the humorous satire, frequently acclaimed by critics, is intended to reveal a threefold purpose, with the introduction of the creator's intentional idiocy on the unwitting protagonist, to result in the cultural revelation of an entire nation, namely the American one, through :

  1. The initial disorientation on the audience regarding any unforeseen actions of the characters in reckless and politically un-correct actions;

  2. The unconditional laughter while possessing no particular logic other than to condone the "non-sense" actions of its protagonists;

  3. The directing to full reflection of the situations created, in order to understand in depth the causes and undesirable effects.

And it is precisely the text of Marco Malaspina, to bring all those, towards a more conscious dual use of the same TV series and that is: to benefit from pure entertainment but also critical approach. The life in yellow of the Simpson family and as reported in the book of "The science of The Simpsons. Unauthorized guide to the universe in a donut"(only in Italian edition), is a journey beyond that donut, in which the scientific and technological emergencies that the Simpsons meet, are addressed by strokes of learned jokes on the philosophical level (as in the hilarious and must reading book "The Simpsons and philosophy. The D'oh! of Homer") and pioneering solutions, so much so that the famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking defines the same Cartoon as: "The best program ever broadcast on television."

Therefore, in addition to Science and Philosophy, the funny Homer Economicus, meets the real microeconomics, through a brilliant text conducted by Professor of Economics, Jousha Hall of Stanford University, confirming once again how important Homer & Family are and especially how useful they are to modern society, and not only the American one. Even the British newspaper "The Guardian", in reference to the profound educational function induced within the TV programme, expresses its opinion as follows: "The Simpsons were able to bring the scientific method into a cartoon, and at the same time give scientists a sobering lesson in real life."

But to Science, which today pursues Religion in new dogmas representing the changing world, the identification of the non-hero expressed by the clumsy Homer who pursues his quest for happiness with alternative forms, leads to emphasize an impenetrable and magical aspect of prediction, as a usable and possible ability of future reality in this world. Therefore, leaving all possibilities open, it is certain that the "Simpsons" will continue to reserve other future surprises for us, on the destiny of humanity yet to come true.

The 10 Simpsonian Prophecies

"[The 1974 Homer has moved on in time to 2013].
Ice cream with biscuit chunks! Unnecessarily big TVs! Football on Thursday nights! And the planet feels so warm! I'm in awe of the future!"

(Season 24, episode 2, 'Fear is Ninety XXIII')

In the course of its 35 years, the iconic yellow family of The Simpsons has predicted many more or less important historical events, so much so that Groening himself is now considered a true time traveller, (as highlighted above with the probable military project of the Looking Glass) since he continues his work also with another cartoon called "Futurama", focused precisely on the indication of a potential upcoming reality, revealed to the current population.

But to the persistent questions about how Groening and his team got it so right so many times, producer and writer Al Jean himself comes to the rescue. Without hesitation or embarrassment, he replies: "I think if you have a bunch of smart people trying to predict the future, if you throw enough darts, they're going to hit the bull's eye."

Therefore, between the probability of scoring eventual targets, and the growing suspicions about the origins of such expertly accurate and guessed predictions, Groening invokes the continued presence of the simple "coincidence" repeated in the modus operandi of the mythical series, which on the one hand reserves no tangible certainty and certifies the actual confirmation of a "time travel" related operation on the other.

But to date, there remain at least "18 prophecies" or clear and striking evidence to be seen and interpreted, of which OUTSIDERPOST intends to select only 10, (but with a further bonus on the future, from 2022 onwards).

So, enjoy the spectacle of the "Wonderful and MYSTERIOUS world of The Simpsons".

The God Particle. In season 10 episode 2 of 1998, in the episode "The wizard of Evergreen Terrace", Homer accurately predicts an equation for the famous Higgs Boson or God particle, a full 14 years before scientists at CERN discovered it. Is this a miracle, yet another coincidence or total maths geniuses better than real scientists?

Superbowl with Lady Gaga. Episode screened in 2012. Fulfilled in 2017. Season 23 Episode 22 called "Lisa goes Gaga", in which famous singer Lady Gaga flies over her fans in a space suit and using a harness during a concert in Springfield. The strange thing is that in the 2017 Superbowl, the artist gave a performance in line with the episode, a full five years late.

Disney & Fox. 1998 episode. Fulfilled in 2019 /2021. The Acquisition started by Disney on 20th Century Fox, and concluded only three years later for about 52.4 billion dollars, comes after the umpteenth prediction of The Simpsons, who had already revealed the scoop even in season 10, episode 5 of 1998! What a hit!

Richard Branson's space journey. 2008 episode broadcast. Fulfilled 2021. In season 25 episode 15 in "The War of Art", the CEO of Virgin Galactic floats into space in a virtually identical sequence that took place in reality recently, which totally baffles everyone.

Trump President. 2000 episode. Fulfilled in 2016. The photographic evidence that would certify President Trump's election in advance, is found in some fragments in which he comes down the escalator surrounded by his supporters who greet him, identical to the real one taken fifteen years later; although it will later be discovered that it is a short film on Youtube "Trumptastic voyage" and shot at the beginning of the 2016 election campaign. But in the 2000 episode, "Bart to the future", or rather in season 11 episode 17, we see Lisa becoming President (and dressed as the current Deputy Kamala Harris on the day of her swearing in) talking about her predecessor (Trump) creating no small amount of puzzlement for viewers of the series.

Smartwatch and Facetime. Episode broadcast in 1995. came true in 2010 (Facetime) and 2013 (Smartwatch). Precisely it is in season 6, episode 19, in which Lisa is projected into the future and we can see the ancestor of the modern smartwatch, which will arrive only in 2013 with an early model of the Samsung Galaxy Gear. The same goes for the discovery of Face time, which appears in the same episode "Lisa's wedding", in which Lisa talks to her mother through a video call, which would only come out 15 years later with Apple under the name Face time.

Global Pandemic. Episode broadcast in 1993/2003. Fulfilled in 2020. In the 21st episode of season 4, the inhabitants of Springfield buy a product on TV from Osaka (Japan), which contains a virus inserted by Japanese employees and which infects the whole town of Springfield. The real pandemic, with origins probably from China (and not Japan) is unfortunately a story known to all, and globally.

Tom Hanks' endorsement. 2007 episode. come true in 2022. The famous American actor recently lent himself to a touching video and pure celebratory endorsement of Biden's first presidential year, which seems to have come earlier with The Simpsons, in which Hanks himself spreads his very similar message to the then White House.

The crisis in Ukraine. Episode broadcast in 1998. Fulfilled in 2022. From a series of unfortunate situations that Omer continues to endure, he makes a serious diplomatic incident, which will revive the Soviet Union, now intent on invading Europe. The well-known facts of Russia and the Ukraine are somehow recalled in this daring episode of the series.

The Mars Colony. 2019 episode. Coming True in 2022. "Lisa's wants to reach Mars" in 2053, is found in episode 16 of the 27th season known also as "The Marge-ian Chronicles" in which the whole family is then involved in joining her later on the red planet. In the current reality, Elon Musk is already making the first cargo trips to the planet of Mars.

Top predictions beyond 2022

  1. Ivanka 2028. in episode 4 of the twenty-eighth season released in 2016, Trump's favourite daughter, already a successful model and entrepreneur becomes the new and palpable future US president for Homer himself, who wears the badge with her name on it about the upcoming 2028 elections, so much so that he impresses and triggers myriad comments on Twitter, about yet another prophecy coming.

  2. The car will fly in the future. in some episodes, references appear to be very close on the use of a possible flying vehicle; so much so that in reality, the first two-seater powered by a BMW engine, called Klein Vision and conceived by engineer Stefan Klein, has just been approved for flight.

  3. Hologram email. in the same episode in which Donald Trump becomes President of the United States, namely in 'Bart to the Future', there is a scene in which Bart receives a hologram email in the post.

  4. Virtual reality food: again in the episode of 'Bart to the future' another vision concerns this time Homer and Marge eating through tubes of 'virtually' well cooked and tasty food, as if it were real. The experiment, called Aerobanquets RMX has actually already been presented at the James Beard House exhibition in New York, where a few selected customers, wearing a VR set, have tasted a gastronomic journey between real images and real food, offering a new way of catering.

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